About The Retracta-Cade & Visiontron Corp.

About the Retracta-Cade and Visiontron

When a retired NYPD Lieutenant realized there was no easy and cost-effective way for police officers to create a safe crowd control barrier in emergencies, he decided he would be the one to change that.

Now the Retracta-Cade is the first product on the market to revolutionize how police and fire departments, military, and first responders establish and transport barricades when they need it the most.

Visiontron Corp., an industry-leading American manufacturer of crowd control and safety products for more than 50 years, developed the Retracta-Cade to meet four key objectives:

  • Provide immediate security
  • Transport easily in patrol car trunks
  • Built heavy-duty enough to be a substantial barrier, yet light enough for one person to carry
  • Reduce the costs of labor, warehousing and transportation associated with other traditional barriers

Joe Bevilacqua served in the NYPD for 20 years, and spent countless hours as a Lieutenant in the Quartermaster Section budgeting personnel and rearranging staff assignments to accommodate the transport and setup of bicycle barriers and wood saw horse barricades, thinking all the time that there must be a cheaper and more efficient way.

Upon retirement, Bevilacqua partnered with Visiontron Corp. of Hauppauge, NY to develop a revolutionary barricade alternative for police precincts, fire houses, military bases and private companies around the world.

Visiontron Corp. used their extensive in-house manufacturing capabilities, experience and expertise in the crowd control industry to create the user-friendly, substantial, retractable and customizable barricade. The Retracta-Cade is now available for purchase directly from Visiontron or through our network of trusted resellers. For information on how to purchase the Retracta-Cade for your company or organization, please click here.