Retracta-Cade Crowd Control Barriers in the Fire Industry

Retracta-Cade in use in Queens, NY

Fire Departments use the Retracta-Cade to close down streets to pedestrian traffic while fighting fires, vehicle accidents, hazardous spills and general crowd control. There are no crowd control barriers in the fire industry other than the Retracta-Cade suitable for on-demand rapid deployments.

Retracta-Cade accessories such as LED lights and reflective tape make the barricade more visible at nighttime, and sign panels display messages such as “FIRE DEPT. – KEEP BACK”, “FIRE LINE – DO NOT CROSS”, “DANGER ! KEEP OUT”, “HAZMAT INCIDENT” and custom printed sign panels.

Outdoor-resistant elements such as aluminum ensure that Retracta-Cade crowd control barriers in the fire industry will withstand tough wear and tear from fire department usage in fighting fire, cordoning off streets, responding to vehicular accidents, hazmat spills and any on-demand rapid deployment requirements.

Example: Retracta-Cade Crowd Control Barriers in the Fire Industry

Problem: In the event of a house fire, first responders use their vehicle (patrol car, fire truck) to cordon off a street and then run to the fire. But vital equipment is left inside the vehicle.

Solution: With the Retracta-Cade, fire department personnel can close a street and take their vehicle with them to the scene, where they have vital supplies.

Testimonial: North Babylon Fire Department, Long Island NY

Practicality is the biggest thing with the Retracta-Cade. You don’t need specialty equipment to carry them around, and anybody can set them up. They’re lightweight and you don’t need a lot of room to store them. They sit right in the back of the North Babylon Fire Police Vehicle very nicely without taking up too much room.
They’re very versatile – you can use them to block off the entrance to a shopping center, close an intersection, divert traffic, there’s a multitude of uses. It’s also good for notification. For example you can have signs in them that say ‘FIRE DEPARTMENT DRILL’ so people don’t think there’s a true emergency or accident.
The Retracta-Cade seems to be made very well, it’s not going to rust on you.

Jim Harrington: Ex-Chief of the North Babylon Fire Company, Ex-President of the Town of Babylon Fire Chiefs Association, and 35-year member of the Fire Department