Retracta-Cade Crowd Control Barriers for Government Agencies

Retracta-Cade Crowd Control Barriers for Government Agencies:

Government Safety BarriersThe Retracta-Cade provides government agencies with the ability to store thousands of feet of barricades compactly, making it easy and efficient to deploy them when necessary. Government agencies such as the Suffolk County, NY Office of Emergency Management (OEM), Homeland Security, Corrections facilities, and even the NASA Kennedy Space Center use the Retracta-Cade for highly customizable on-demand rapid deployment barricades in both routine and emergency situations.

Because the Retracta-Cade is easily stackable and storable, it results in a minimal storage footprint. This not only reduces costly warehousing expenses, but allows the Retracta-Cade to be available immediately when necessary. Adding accessories such as LED lights and custom signage further enable government agencies to establish order and safety among large crowds. Crowd control barriers for government agencies are crucial for restoring and maintaining law and order.