Retracta-Cade Crowd Control Barriers in the Police Industry

Retracta-Cade Crowd Control Barriers in the Police Industry

Retracta-Cade in a Patrol Car Trunk


The Retracta-Cade’s ease of use and rapid deployment capabilities were designed to meet the daily demands of police departments. Police officers require equipment that can and will adapt to surrounding environments.

The Retracta-Cade can be stored in a vehicle trunk and can be used instantly in various situations including checkpoints, vehicular accidents, demonstrations, street fairs and parades, and crime scenes. Crowd control barriers in the police industry are designed for use by specialized units, as well as patrol

Examples: Retracta-Cade Crowd Control Barriers in the Police Industry

Problem: At crime scenes, police typically use the environment to create an outer and inner perimeter, such as trees. If the nearest tree or other perimeter border is several hundred feet away, it makes the crime scene much larger than necessary.

Solution: With the Retracta-Cade, the crime scene perimeter is created where and when it’s needed.

Problem: Transit police have limited storage space, often just closets. Subway platforms have security checkpoints, and when terror awareness is at its highest level they perform security bag checks. Transit police must obtain barriers and lug them subway steps. There is little communication with the commuters who are subject to security checks, leading to frustration about the delay and the crowds. When transit police are finished the barriers are stacked against a wall where they remain until pickup, and civilians can get injured.

Solution: Retracta-Cades retract small enough and stack atop each other so they can be stored in regular sized closets, and easily transported down subway station stairs. Sign panels display messages such as “SECURITY CHECKPOINT – BAGS OUT” so commuters are aware of what’s happening and what to do to speed up the process. When they’re finished, transit police simply fold up the Retracta-Cades and carry them out of the subway station.

Problem: Police departments use French or bicycle barriers that offer no conspicuous public signage area. If a civilian gets arrested for obstructing governmental administration (OGA), the charges can be thrown out in court because of lack of signage.

Solution: Retracta-Cade signs that display messages such as “POLICE LINE – DO NOT CROSS” won’t get OGA charges thrown out in court.

Other uses for Retracta-Cade crowd control barriers in the police industry:

  • The Retracta-Cade sign panels allow police to display messages at crime scenes, such as “Crime Stoppers” hotlines. People who witnessed the crime and hover around the scene afterward can read the Retracta-Cade signs that display the “Crime Stoppers” phone number, and call in tips immediately.
  • Eliminate “losing the block” at parades because of unexpected foot traffic patterns, poor planning, or not enough man power or barriers. Retracta-Cade units stored in patrol car trunks are immediately available to fill gaps in crowd control spaces, ensuring police departments won’t lose the block.
  • Create corrals for staging in frozen areas, where officers line up and get their assignments.
  • At events and festivals such as the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree, police officers are responsible for allowing only groups of people in at a time so it doesn’t get overcrowded. The Retracta-Cade creates a barrier while the extension panels easily slide in and out to let groups of people in.
  • In the case of a riot, the situation much safer if there is a barrier between the officers and the rioters. Having Retracta-Cades on demand in the event of a riot will reduce the contentiousness.
  • In vehicular accidents, officers don’t have to use their patrol car or self as a barrier.